Childers Pharmaceutical Museum

Apothecary Thomas Gaydon arrived in Childers, Queensland in 1894. He established Gaydon's Pharmacy (1894-1982) and became the town chemist, dentist, optician, veterinarian, anaesthetist and photographer. Gaydon's building is now the home of the Childer's Pharmaceutical Museum and still contains the beautiful cedar fittings, ground glass bottles with gold leaf lettering, leather bound prescription books, Wedgwood mortar and pestles, early pill making machines and old medicine labels. The original cash register (1906) still sits on the red cedar counter. This collection spans one hundred years of pharmacy and related fields. Thomas Gaydon and succeeding chemists left a legacy that will enthral all visitors. For anyone who can appreciate the workmanship and character of the past and especially those who remember the blue bottle of castor oil.


25,000 items plus photographs