Qantas Founders Museum

Stage two of Qantas Founders Outback Museum was opened on 31 March 2002, as part of the Queensland Heritage Trails Network project. The new building resembles an aircraft hanger and houses the state-of-the-art museum, a caf?, shop and resource centre. Interactive multimedia, working displays and historical artefacts tell the history of QANTAS, giving visitors insight into the challenges overcome by the fledgling airline, the impact the new airline had on outback life and an appreciation for the people who expanded the business from the airline's first plane, an open cockpit Avro 504K, to the current fleet of Boeing 747-400 jumbos. The museum is intended to be a rich learning resource that is educational, informative and fun. Designed to appeal to all age groups, the Museum's stated mission is to 'honour the founders' and to 'inspire youth'. The Museum's public programs and facilities invite community members to share in the Qantas story and to participate in challenges that stimulate initiative, encourage creativity, build self esteem and encourage cooperation.


The growing collection includes 6 aircraft including a Jumbo jet and the first ever jet passanger aircraft owned by Qantas as well as full scale replicas of the first ever aircraft owned by Qantas. Artefacts relating to the history of QANTAS and life in the outback, including advertising ephemera and art, promotional material, philatelic covers commemorating historic flights, long-service gifts to employees, QANTAS uniforms, share documents, passenger tickets from early flights, photographs, pilot and engineer licences, aircraft parts, Flying Doctor radio transceivers and aircraft models. The resource centre collection consists of over 200 books, videos and other educational materials relating to the history of QANTAS and the history of Australian and International aviation.