Hervey Bay Regional Gallery

Hervey Bay Regional Gallery is an initiative of the Fraser Coast Regional Council and opened in 1997. It is a category A-rated venue that provides residents and visitors with opportunities to view and experience a diverse range of visual arts. The annual program includes exhibitions by local and regional artists as well as significant state, national and international touring showcases. School tours, educational activities, group visits, artist talks, workshops and Friends of the Gallery bus trips are all offered as part of the public program. The gallery is located on the Fraser Coast in the heart of Hervey Bay, in the town's CBD. It is easily accessed and because of the closely situated University and the connecting Library, the Gallery has a wide range of viewers from the community.


Fraser Coast Regional Council is not a formal collecting body. However, the region has acquired artworks through donation and commission, i.e. China sister-city gifts, significant indigenous artists' work purchases, public art commissions, etc. Works by local, regional and state artists can be viewed at the gallery during open hours, while public art works are located throughout each of the centres.