Cobb & Co Store Museum

The Cobb & Co Store Museum focuses on the local history of Cobb & Co, in particular the Surat to Yuleba route where Cobb & Co made its last run in 1924. Our feature exhibition 'Changing Ways' follows this theme, displaying our working Cobb & Co coach, an exact scale model of a fully harnessed coach and the local history of the Cobb & Co, including the stories of the families who worked for the company. 'All Among the Wool' shows something of the spirit of the industry that played such a large role in the Shire's development, displaying machinery and memorabilia, as well as stories from the wool and shearing industry. The remainder of the museum displays temporary exhibitions illustrating the many aspects of the Shire's social history.


950 historical photographs, Humble and Son's wool press, Iron flood boat, Pluviograph. Dispersed community collection.