Fort Scratchley Historical Society

The Fort Scratchley Historic Site is a nineteenth century Coast Defence Fort, constructed in 1882 and extensively modernised in 1892 and then again in 1910. As a result, this single site shows the development of Australia's coast defences from the muzzle loading era through to its zenith during World War II. Remaining at the fort are most of the original gun emplacements and underground ammunition stores and magazines, as well as four 80 pounder rifled muzzle loading guns and two 6 inch Mark VII breech loading guns, which are examples of the earliest and the latest guns used at the fort.


2,200 books; 3,000 artefacts; 1,500 photographs. Combination of the site itself and military photographs, memorabilia and militaria, mainly concerned with the history of the site and applicable military history of Newcastle.