National Alpine Museum of Australia

Founding of the Museum In 1999 several ski club lodges celebrated the 50-year anniversary of their involvement with Mt Buller and the installation of the first rope tow. From this community reflection, it was realised that there was a need to permanently preserve the history of Mt Buller. A Committee of interested persons was formed with the intention of establishing a museum, and in conjunction with the Mt Buller Ratepayers Association, lobbied the Mt Buller Resort Management Board for funding to begin a museum collection. The Mt Buller Resort Management Board granted the funding, and on October 3rd 1999 the Hon. Graeme Stoney, MLC, officially opened the Mt Buller Museum. The association was finally incorporated April 2000 and in September 2002 the name was changed to the National Alpine Museum of Australia to allow us to cover and accept donations from all alpine Australia. We are a non-profit; membership supported Museum dedicated to collecting, preserving, and exhibiting elements from the broad spectrum of ski history for the purpose of research, education, and entertainment. Since opening our doors many visitors have toured our exhibits from skiers to travellers. The Museum houses an extensive collection of historical ski equipment, clothing, film, photographs and literature. Our archive is becoming renowned by scholars and historians across the country. We are the only permanent Alpine Museum in Australia. The collection contains many pairs of skis, boots, snowbards, ice skating boots, handmade clothing, ski clothing, film footage, photographs, videos, posters, slides, books, magazines, flags, uniforms, lift equipment, T- Bars, and other sking paraphernalia.


Not only is the place of the museum unique, the subject matter of the museum is itself special and because of its individuality it is worthy of preservation and display. Nowhere else is it possible to view the relics of the development of the Alpine village, and the changes and chances the mountain has taken.