Camden Aviation Museum

The Camden Museum of Aviation, privately owned by Harold, Verna and Alan Thomas has developed into a large specialist aircraft collection. The military aircraft, RAAF,Army Aviation and Fleet Air Arm, are restored wherever possible to taxiable, not flyable, standard. Correct wartime markings and camouflage colours are researched with service records and photographs, whilst authentic cockpit instruments are installed and electrical, fuel, hydraulic and pneumatic systems made operable wherever possible.

Harold Thomas' interest in aviation goes back to when he was a trainee/ apprentice with the original "Australian National Airways", operated by Sir Charles Kingsford-Smith. The interest shown in his collection of aero engines convinced him there were many others like himself who found these fine examples of engineering well worth saving.

The acquisition of a complete aircraft in 1961 sparked off the idea of an aviation museum where historical aero engines and aircraft could be displayed for public viewing, enjoyment and education. The then Department of Civil Aviation showed interest and approval, and in 1963 half a hanger (later expanding to one and a half) was made available at Camden Airport, NSW. In 1979 a new 1600 sq mtr museum building was erected at 11 Stewart Street, Harrington Park (Narellan) NSW and the collection moved to this location, with all exhibits undercover.


A Comprehensive listing of aircraft and engine exhibits can be found at:

Camden Aviation Museum Collection