Samford Museum

The Society has been welcoming visitors to Samford Museum, collecting and compiling Samford's history since 1986. Now available is a set of Samford Reminiscences Vols 1-5, compiled and published by the society. The Museum consists of an old head teacher's residence transported to the site; a railway station building similar to the old Samford railway station; a hand-cut weather-board cream shed transported from a farm to the site; an old slab kitchen donated to the Museum and re-constructed in the grounds; laundry attached to kitchen and a machinery shed partly built with old slabs and original old cow bails. The comprehensive photo and reference collection and displays are provided by and maintained entirely volunteers. Australia Day is celebrated; Anzac Day commemorated and Queensland Day on 6th June celebrated at the museum with visiting relevant feature displays or groups. The society participates in local events eg Samford Show, Dickson Seniors Expo. Samford Museum is located in Station Street, Samford Village, just N.W of Brisbane in Pine Rivers Shire , SE Queensland.

Each building displays relevant furniture, utensils, tools and goods donated by local residents. On permanent loan from the Queensland Museum is the diorama of the Samford Aboriginal Bora Ground. There is also a library and a large collection of photographs relating to the early history of the Samford Valley.

Our publications include Samford Reminiscences, Vol 1,2,3,4 (pictorial).

Other displays include:

- Two machinery sheds

- 'the mews', a shed of restored horse-drawn vehicles

-a blacksmith shop (operational for special events)

-a slab and shingle replica of the 1870 Samford Provisional School furnished with desks and slates and pencils. Group classes given by appointment.


Take a step back in time and browse through displays which include a diorama of the Aborigines' bora ring and Kippa-making ceremony at Wights Mountain, on permanent loan from Queensland Museum. Historical buildings and replicas, such as the Centenary of Federation funded replica of Samford's 1872 slab and shingle Provisional School where one can sit at a long desk and use a slate and pencil, house feature displays with accompanying information boards ,depicting local rural industries eg dairying and timber. Blacksmithing and horse-drawn transport vehicles and the 1918-1955 Ferny Grove to Dayboro railway line command prominent positions in the Museum precinct. Pioneers' lifestyle may be researched through Samford Reminiscences Vols 1-5, a comprehensive photo and reference collection and displays.