Susannah Place

Susannah Place is a small terrace row of four dwellings, built in 1844 and occupied until 1990. As a house museum, Susannah Place conserves, interprets and presents its historical interiors, collection and structural fabric in a way which acknowledges and illuminates changes in occupants and the broader transformation of the surrounding Rocks neighbourhood. The houses survived largely unchanged through the slum clearances of the early 1900’s and the 1970’s redevelopment. For nearly 150 years they were home to over 100 families. The museums provide a rare opportunity to explore domestic working class life from 1844 to 1990.The collection includes a rich archive of oral history records and personal effects contributed by the former occupants.


Working class museum, oral histories from former tenants of the houses, photographs of 19th and 20th century tenants of the Rocks area.