Strathalbyn National Trust Museum

The museum opened in 1974 and is housed in the old police station (built in 1858) and an attached court room (built in 1867). The main display is in the court room and focuses upon the settlement and growth of the town from 1840 to circa 1940. The museum also has a number of period rooms with displays tracing the history of Strathalbyn. These include a sitting room, kitchen, child’s bedroom, laundry and medical room. Outside are the original cells and stables, and in the back yard are displays of old (and mostly restored) farm machinery. Also featured are horse drawn vehicles and a blacksmith’s shop with working forge.

The museum also possesses extensive photographic collections and 1867-2010 copies of the “Southern Argus” newspaper. Other major exhibits include Strathalbyn at War, Tracing Your Family History, Strathalbyn Schools, Photographers and Photography, Vintage Bicycle Shed, Blackstone Engine, Solar Flare (world champion solar cycle) and a working Horseworks.


The “cultural capital” of the district is captured in an extensive collection of memorabilia.

There are approximately 6,000 items; cottage crafts, craft work, decorative arts, furniture, glass, paper, domestic items and technology, genealogy, historic people, local history, medals and badges, rural life, agriculture, working demonstrations of farm machinery (on special days), clothing, fashion, costume, uniforms and accessories and ephemera.

There are approximately 2,000 photographs of local significance.