Dance Cottage Museum, Ravensthorpe

Ravensthorpe is situated about 600 kilometres south east of Perth in an agriculture and mining area. It is also the main town for the World Heritage listed Fitzgerald River National Park. Our museum is based on local history from the late 1800's, it includes farming implements, mining equipment, CBH elevator, a railway carriage and guardsvan , Dance Cottage which was built in the early 1900's (set up as a miner's cottage), various household items and furniture, some linen and writing equipment and a spectacular show of shoes, mostly in new condition. There are many photographs depicting the early days. Our collection spans the time from early whalers in the mid 19th century, through the indigenous community to white settlement farming and agriculture.


Dance cottage is an original settlers cottage whihc is in our grounds, at its original site with a vast array of historical artifacts. The museum is combined with 'Going Bush' the local tourism shop and is well worth a visit.