Central Deborah Gold Mine

For an unforgettable experience, descend to the depths of Bendigo with us at Central Deborah Gold Mine and discover the significance of Bendigo's gold mining history.

Nine Levels of Darkness

When gold was first discovered in Bendigo in 1851 it sparked decades of gold mining worth billions of dollars. Central Deborah Gold Mine was one of the last commercial mines to cease operation in the wealthy Bendigo goldfields, operating for just 15 years between 1939 and 1954. Although a relatively short time frame, during this period the mine produced 29,865 ounces (929kg) of gold. Today, Central Deborah Gold Mine shares its rich history with visitors.

You will be mesmerised by the beauty and lure of gold on one of our fascinating underground tours.

Mine Experience Tour: 75 Minutes

Don a hard hat and miner's lamp, descend 61 metres beneath the surface and be guided through the honeycomb of tunnels where almost one ton of gold was unearthed and discover what conditions as a miner were really like during the harsh gold rush era.

Underground Adventure Tour: 2.5 hours

Venture 85 metres underground and gear up in overalls, boots, a miner's hat and lamp. Climb ladders, work a mine drill and search for gold with finders keepers! This tour also includes a "miner's" lunch or afternoon tea served underground in the Crib Room. Bookings are highly recommended and children must be at least eight years of age to complete the Underground Adventure Tour.

Nine Levels of Darkness: 4.5 hours

Drop 228 metres underground in the original miners' cage to Level 9 of the mine (if you're brave enough) and see if you have what it takes to be a gold miner from the 1900s! Be guided through authentic mining tunnels by your Shift Boss who will “put you to work”, teaching you all the tricks of the trade. Learn how to set a charge and operate a Panther Rock Drill. Climb down parts of the mine shaft using the ladder way. Experience the thrill of following the cap of the reef up into a T-rise. After a hard day’s work, enjoy a lunch break underground and try your hand at a game of cribbage. Participants need to be over 15 years of age.

Each tour includes access to the mine's surface with its treasure trove of vintage mining machinery, gold panning, museums and picnic area. Don't forget to climb the mine's poppet head for a fantastic view of Bendigo.