Great Lakes Historical Society Museum

The Great Lakes Historical Museum has a fine display of historic buildings from the Great Lakes area including the original National Bank at Forster, the Tuncurry Public school, built in 1886; the Cheers family cottage, built in the 1940s; and the original Tuncurry police station lock-up which was used from 1948-59. In the grounds of the museum there is a typical 1960's fishing boat, a working windmill which pumps water for our lawns and various artefacts relating to the local history. The buildings have all been fully refurbished and contain interesting displays. The completion of a covered walkway along with the landscaping of our grounds provides the visitors with an enjoyable venue to view the local history. We have an electronic version of our book "The History of Tuncurry" by Elva Carmichael. The book tells the story of the Aboriginal people coming to Australia, some of their customs, European exploration and settlement, timber, shipbuilding, fishing, shipwrecks and the lives of some of the people that make up the history of the town of Tancurry. Also included in the book is some history of the villages of Darawank, Failford, Nabiac, Wang Wauk, Coolongolook and Krambach. We also have the new edition of "The Forster Book" which records the history of the founders up to the present day. The web address is:


Our cottage is set up as a pioneer cottage. We have 5,000 objects, 3000 photographs, 120 family history folders. The Tuncurry Museum houses a collection of artefacts relating to the history of the Great Lakes area and includes tools for blacksmithing, shipbuilding and agricultural industries which were the pioneering industries in the area. Our research library houses a large collection of families’ histories, photographs and newspapers pertaining to the local history. We have a collection of domestic, industrial and farming machinery as well as a collection of domestic items, including textiles, ceramics and furniture. DON’T MISS OUT!