Northampton Historical Society Inc.

Chiverton House is a community museum; its collection reflects changing lifestyles influenced by mining (1848-1950). The building, histories and collections relating to Capt Samuel Mitchell and his family provide a link to the convicts and Lynton Hiring Station (1853-56), the railway (1879-1957), pastoral and farming development (1850 onwards) and the local effects of events such as depressions and wars.

House c1860,local history museum and herbarium. Machinery relating to early agriculture, mining and 1879 first WA Govt. Railway.

The Airing of the Quilts is is held annually, in Northampton on the last Saturday of the Western Australian third term school holidays.


c1860 onwards household items, photos, clothing, agricultural machinery,mining items, c1879 railway rolling stock

4,000 objects include house (as operating home) objects, farm machinery (some restored) 1,000 photos include local families, identities, property homes and events.