National Pioneer Women's Hall of Fame Inc.

The National Pioneer Women's Hall of Fame Inc is dedicated to preserving the place of women in the history and their special contribution to Australia's heritage. Its purpose is to collect, preserve, and research, commemorate and display material relating to pioneering Australian women. It is the only organisation in Australia dedicated to preserving Her Story. A pioneer woman is any woman who is a pioneer in her chosen field; referring not only to the traditional meaning of the word - a colonist, explorer or settler in a new land - but to anyone who is an innovator of developer of something new. Recently moved to the Old Alice Springs Gaol, the history of the gaol itself is also exhibited; the men's and women's cell blocks are open to the public; while the kitchen & dining room house NPWHF's exhibitions: Ordinary Women, Extraordinary Lives - Women First In Their Field; Women at the Heart; the Signature Quilt of First Women and Women's Work.


NPWHF is the only museum in Australia dedicated only to women; and the only virtual museum, available through our website.'Ordinary Women, Extraordinary Lives - Women First in Their Field' features over 100 photographs of Australian Women who were pioneers in over a dozen, largely male-dominated professions from the first woman granted a University degree in the 1880s to the first female ordained Anglican priests over a century later in the 1990s. Celebrating women's achievements over the last 100 years, the 3m x 2.5m signature quilt 'Patchwork of Empowerment' contains 343 signatures of women who were first in their field. 'Women at the Heart' is an exhibition of photographs and stories relating to pioneering Central Australian women. Learn about the fortitude, courage and ingenuity of these often forgotten women - the wives of missionaries, miners and telegraph masters, as well as their governesses and kitchen maids. Find out more about the women who contributed to the development of the surrounding pastoral properties and the township of Stuart (now Alice Springs). 'Women's Work' is a display of traditional Women's Work items: laundering, cooking and cleaning equipment as well as craft work. This includes some ingeniously home-made household items such as the meat safe cot. The Old Alice Springs Gaol was operational from 1938 to 1996. See inmates' artwork on the walls, walk through the men's (still as it was in 1996) and women's (refurbished) cell blocks. Read about the struggle to save the gaol; see the beanie and basket display. Interpretive work is on-going