Eden Killer Whale Museum and Historical Society

Established in 1931, the Museum's collection was originally based around the skeleton of the killer whale Old Tom, which is well steeped in local folklore. The Museum's prime theme is the whaling industry. The secondary theme is general maritime and fishing while the third interest is the timber industry and local social history.


Between five and ten thousand artefacts relating to shore-based whaling, the timber industry, fishing and shipping, lighthouse, some agriculture and numerous domestic items, natural history specimens (skeletons, minerals, fossils) maritime artefacts (shipwreck relics, navigational equipment, ship logs) archival material (shipwreck relics, navigational equipment, ship logs) archival material (photos, diaries, order books, art work) Collection highlights: skeleton of famous killer whale (Orca) "Tom", Mako shark, ships rudder, tuna poling Machine, Sperm Whale skull, log cabin, aboriginal section, Post Office clock, Ly-ee Moon (wrecked 1886), Ben Boyd's yacht "Wanderer", jawbones of Blue Whale. Eden is a seaside working community in pristine condition.