Old Gippstown

A collection of over forty buildings dating from the 1860s to the 1930s, relocated from elsewhere, and laid out to form a Gippsland town. Buildings fully furnished with items of their time, and the park also holds a large collection of horse-drawn vehicles, four vintage cars and numerous articles relating to the timber and agricultural history of Gippsland. Buldings include the McMillan homestead and an iron house, both of which are recognised by the National Trust, a Cobb and Co Inn (which has a pub licence!), a garage, police station, dressmaker's. solicitor's office and more. A military history exhibition is a feature. All are set in landscaped gardens with an animal farm, in 25 ha of flat ground with a full perimeter fence.


One of Australia's best collections of horse-drawn vehicles, farming euipment, buildings fully furnished.