Museum of Central Australia

The Museum of Central Australia (the Southern division of the Museums and Art Galleries of the Northern Territory) houses an extensive display relating to Central Australia including natural wonders of this arid region, desert life forms, fossils of extinct animals, minerals and meteorites. The Museum also houses the Strehlow Research Centre including a library and archives.


  • Dromornis Stirtoni
  • Exhibition on Hesekial
  • Fauna of Central Australia


Palaeontology, specifically the material from the Alcoota Fossil Site

Earth sciences, specifically meteorite material from the impact sites within the Northern Territory

Natural history, specimens of fauna specific to Central Australia

Social history, specifically the history of the Strehlow family, the Hermannsburg Mission and anthropological work undertaken in Central Australia

Temporary exhibition space which hosts exhibitions using objects and photographs from the collections of Strehlow Research Centre and Museums and Art Galleries of the Northern Territory