Irwin District Museum, Dongara

The Museum is housed in one of the oldest police stations north of Perth. The Old Police Station, Prison and Courthouse complex was erected in 1870, with extensions being completed in 1873 and was a working police station until 1984. The original building comprised a court room, police station, cell block and living quarters, and was built from locally-quarried limestone; the walls are some 450mm thick, constructed in the coarse random rubble style. The roof, which was originally wooden shingle, has been replaced by corrugated iron. A sample of the original shingles is displayed in the exhibition.

Irwin District Museum in The Dongara Old Polce Station

The Stables Annexe building situated on the original police stables site features displays of 16 lost trades, such as tinsmithing, tank making, 'making do' and home repair bootmaking.

The Irwin District Historical Society have another museum located at Russ Cottage, Dongara. See separate Guide listing.


The collection and displays tell the story of:

* early European settlement

* the growth of rural industries, including the effect of rabbits on the community

* shipwrecks along the Irwin Coast

* policing the Irwin District

* local photographers and the cameras they used

* household and family heirlooms, and feminine pursuits

* lost trades

items on display. A rabbit display shows where they came from, how they died and how they returned. A comprehensive camera display, policing in the Irwin District, shipwrecks along the coast, and pioneers of the Irwin District are all on display, together with communications, transport, family heirlooms and archival records.