Albury LibraryMuseum

The foundation of the Albury LibraryMuseum collection can be found in the foresight of Dr. Arthur Andrews and six Albury businessmen who established a museum in October 1893, in collaboration with the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences in Sydney, which is now known as the Powerhouse Museum.

The front of the LibraryMuseum

The museum and the collection changed and evolved over many years until the formation of the Albury & District Historical Society in November 1960. The collection assembled by the knowledgeable and dedicated society members became the strong base on which the current diverse collection is built.

In 1983 AlburyCity accepted responsibility for the care, interpretation and display of this regions history.

In 2007 the Albury Library and the Albury Regional Museum moved into a brand new award-winning facility bringing together state-of-the-art technology, heritage, engaging interactive exhibitions, reading and research

The LibraryMuseum has a changing program which features touring exhibitions, works from the AlburyCity Collection and community exhibitions.

These diverse exhibitions range from social history to contemporary multimedia


The Albury Regional Museum collects a vast range of items that are associated with the history and cultural diversity of the region.

Critical to the value of these items are the stories that are associated with them. The stories offer significant insights into the people, activities and places of the past, in turn, developing a better understanding of the history of this region.