Braidwood Museum

The museum is in a granite 2 storeyed building - the Royal Hotel 1845. It was owned by surveyor James Larmer who accompnied Mitchell on exploration trips and surveyed all the South East of the colony. The building was bought by Grand United Order of Oddfellows in 1882 and two large halls were added for meetings and balls. It is situated in the main street of Braidwood, a National Trust town. There is a speaker or excursion each month, an annual dinner in June.


2100 artefacts, 900 photographs are of local origin. A unique attraction is the Nomchong collection. This family were traders in the town from 1870 - 1990s. The Museum also features a machinery shed and other rural items displayed in the grounds. A library of local records newspapers and family histories can be used for research by appointment and for a fee.