Canberra Grammar School Archives

Every School has a story to tell and ever since ours began in Cooma in 1908 successive generations have been recording the history, heritage, achievements and events that shaped this School and made it what it is today. Our School history reflects many of the great events of the 20th century. It tells of the vision and courage of the early pioneers who dreamt of a great school for the new national capital. It records the years of struggle through two world wars, the depression and droughts. It celebrates the achievements of ten thousand boys and their teachers, the parent associations and the community.

As the custodian of our culture the Archive is a vital, ever growing treasure house of our individual and collective stories. To be aware of our history, and to value its preservation, enables us to see more clearly the direction in which we wish to head. Old Boys and their families are strong supporters of the Archives, often donating their own school records and memorabilia to the collection.


CGS Archives holdings include official records, photographs, maps, plans, student records, film, audio material, textiles.