Mount Flora Regional Museum

The City of Stirling's Mount Flora Regional Museum is housed in a former water tank, which was designed in 1936. The building served as a water reservoir for 30 years, during which time it was also utilised by the Defence Forces in 1942 as an observation post. In 1988 the building was opened as a Museum by the North Suburban Historical Society and the City of Stirling. The Museum's exhibits are varied and include cultural, social and natural history. In addition, visitors can climb to the top of the building for one of the best coastal views in Perth.

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The Museum has approximately 3 000 objects in its collection, which focuses upon the history of the City of Stirling and the changing nature of the coast. The subject of exhibits include shipwrecks, whaling, the natural environment, including Staw Swamp wetlands and the Marmion Marine Park, and early school days.