NSW Schoolhouse Museum of Public Education

The NSW Schoolhouse Museum provides a glimpse of education from the past. Housed in North Ryde Public School's original schoolrooms, the museum collects and preserves objects relating to the history of public education in NSW.

Writing with pean and ink at a long tom

Dating from 1877 to 1910, the rooms reflect the philosophy of education of the period. The rooms are fully restored and furnished with original school furniture items together with displays of school equipment, student work and early teaching resources.

  • Teachers desk
  • Maypole dancing in front of the Schoolhouse Museum


The collection includes student work such as exercise books and copybooks, needlework and woodwork samples dating back to the 1870s. Also included are: class registers and punishment books, early readers, and texts and syllabuses. Other items include dumb-bells, iinkwells, pens, original slates, original school furniture and a variety of teacher resources.