The Rocks Discovery Museum

Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority is the New South Wales State Government body which owns and manages significant precincts, predominantly on the south shore of Sydney Harbour. These precincts include the historic Rocks area (site of the initial European settlement of Australia in 1788) and Darling Harbour (industrial and port precinct from 1813-1984).


The Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority's collection consists of over 2 million artefacts recovered from archaeological investigations conducted throughout The Rocks and Darling Harbour since the late 1970s. In addition there are items recovered from roof spaces or under floors which had been left behind by former occupants of The Rocks. In general, artefacts from the collection date from the mid-18th through the 20th centuries and represent the material culture of the time; the incidental record of the past rather than the "collectibles" that were purposefully retained as heirlooms by generations.