Sydney Bus and Truck Museum Ltd

A major collection of over 90 operating road transport vehicles, mainly buses, and mainly Sydney Buses.

There are many buses from private operators fleets throughout NSW, some from interstate and four from overseas (London and Hong Kong).

A huge number of artefacts relating to public transport are held, most of them on display, and several are interactive.

There is a large well-catalogued archive of technical and historical items relating to street transport; this is available for research.

The collection is housed in a former Sydney tram Depot, the most complete one of its kind remaining.


Sydney double decker buses pre-WWII and later

Sydney single decker buses 1935 to 1970s

Single deckers from independent operator fleets

Trucks vans and taxis dating from 1914

Countless artefacts and transport memorabilia

Spare parts for buses and trucks (not for sale)