University of Sydney JL Shellshear Museum of Physical Anthropology and Comparative Anatomy

The Shellshear Museum is a museum specialising in collections of human, other primate and marsupial skeletons. It also has a display of casts of a great range of hominids.


The collections are mainly of human, other primate and marsupial skeletons as well as casts of hominids.

Human osteology:

Skeletal remains from the following regions: Australia, Melanesia, Oceania, Middle East (Pella collection) A series of foetal skeletons.


Skulls and some skeletons of all classes of vertebrates with an emphasis on marsupials and primates.


Casts of skulls and endocranial casts of hominids and other primates. Reconstructions of Piltdown

Archival material:

Books, papers and research records of J.L. Shellshear. N.W.G. Macintosh collections relating to research and field work on the dingo, New Guinea Highlands, Australian Aboriginal fossil skulls, Aboriginal art and stone implements etc. Collected notes and references of S.L. Larnach. Historical material relating to the Department of Anatomy and the JL Shellshear Museum.