Whitlam Institute (University of Western Sydney)

The Whitlam Institute fosters the development of public policy through scholarship, debate and inquiry into the grand themes championed by Mr Whitlam, including representative democracy, Indigenous rights, education and the development of urban regions and communities with a particular interest in Greater Western Sydney.

The Whitlam Institute exists for all Australians who care about what matters in a fair Australia. The Institute bridges the historical legacy of Gough Whitlam's years in public life and the contemporary relevance of the Whitlam Program to public discourse and policy.

Established by the University of Western Sydney in 2000, and residing on the Parramatta Campus is the Whitlam Institute and Whitlam Reading Room - home to the Whitlam Prime Ministerial Collection donated to UWS by Mr Whitlam.


The Institute is home to the collected papers donated by the Hon EG Whitlam which inspire our programs. The collection provides on-line access to papers held both at the Institute and the National Archives.