Zoology Museum - University of New England

Established in 1969, the Zoology museum was designed as a support facility for the teaching of the various courses and also for the storage of teaching material. The display stress taxonomy, animal diversity and evolutionary association and cover a wide range of Australian and exotic species.


Most of the common animals are displayed and the New England region is well represented. We have had an extensive exchange program with overseas institutions, principally university zoology departments and natural history museums, resulting in interesting specimens from other countries. There is a whale skeleton suspended in entrance and leopard seal skeleton in museum. We hold a good collection of mounted marsupials and exotic small mammals - also native birds and reptiles. All species that are dangerous to humans are clearly marked including invertebrate examples. Fine collection of rare mammal-like reptile fossils from South Africa.

Of particular interest to the general public are the animals that are venomous and dangerous to humans, for example snakes, cone shell spiders, ticks, stonefish, and blue-ringed octopus. There are also specific displays about evolution.