Ergas Collection

The Ergas Collection is a unique art concept, offering opportunities and support for the most interesting and challenging emerging artists in Australasia through acquisitions and grants for commissions to artists and supporting projects such as exhibitions or publications.

The Ergas Collection aims to feed into the visual arts world in an important and simple way, making things happen without many of the pressures and politics experienced by other funding organisations. It is also keeping studios open, and allowing curators to work without added financial pressure.

With a strong philanthropic philosophy, Ergas Collection helps to support young and yet-to-be recognised Australasian artists in the earliest phases of their careers, offering assistance to support artists who have developed their practice independently of traditional educational paths or who remain outside the art world mainstream.


The Ergas Collection is building a collection of more challenging and innovative art, archive and materials beyond simply works on a wall - clients of the Ergas Collection engage with a public program that may include curatorial and artist talks, information studio or gallery visits. The Collection will also undertake to document the artists' ideas, materials and processes to preserve the crucial elements of an artist's early career, which are so often lost and overlooked. Works acquired by the Collection will be made available to be shown as part of curatorial projects and through other curators or galleries and through loan arrangements with clients.