Swinburne Image Bank

Swinburne Image Bank provides access to selected digital images from various Swinburne Collections. At present there are over 2,600 photos available online.

Users of the collection are likely to be particularly interested in a wide range of photographs illustrating the learning and teaching of the then college - art, carpentry, chemistry and science, commercial (e.g. typing), domestic science, engineering and trades, and other studies. There are many other studies over the period - cake decorating (1954), astronomy (1960s), blacksmithing (1937) and dressmaking (1915).

Swinburne Image Bank may also be searched via Picture Australia.


* Artefacts and Memorabilia (28 images)

* Horticultural Teaching Images (241 images)

* Swinburne Art Collection (105 images)

* Swinburne Photographs (2959 images)

Swinburne Image Bank is a work in progress with new images being continually added to the database.