Trendall Research Centre for Ancient Mediterranean Studies, La Trobe University

Professor A.D. Trendall believed that Australian and New Zealand scholars had made, and could continue to make a significant contribution to our understanding of the ancient cultures that bordered the Mediterranean. To assist in this continuing endeavour he bequeathed his large personal library of books, journals and offprints, as well as his extraordinary archive of photographs of South Italian red-figure vases, to La Trobe University in order to provide the basis for a research centre in the broad area of Ancient Mediterranean studies.


The Trendall Library currently possesses over 9,000 monographs, as well as many journals and a large collection of offprints. The library covers the art, archaeology, literature and history of Greece and Rome. It is especially strong in Greek vase-painting and the archaeology of South Italy and Sicily. There are also holdings in Etruscan and other Mediterranean cultures. A database of all monographs and another of offprints have been prepared.

During his lifetime Professor A.D. Trendall built up a collection of photographs of South Italian and Sicilian red-figure vases to help him in his research. This Archive now holds more than 40,000 photographs, which are mounted on cardboard and filed according to the painters identified by Trendall in his various publications.