Flinders University Library Special Collections

Special Collections is situated in the Central Library on Level 3, adjacent to the Law Library.


Special Collections comprises various collections, eg the Rare Book Collection, the St Barnabas Collection, the Dunstan Collection, the Evatt Collection and other material which is not on open access for particular reasons including:

* Limited editions valuable for either their content or aesthetic importance.

* Books of aesthetic importance , fine printing, special press material, fine binding, fine art work etc.

* Fine prints, drawings and photographs including portfolios and items including loose plates.

* Theses

* Fragile items.

* Vulnerable material

* Serials published before 1850.

* Manuscripts

* Archival material relating to Flinders University

* Maps

* Slide Collection

* Staff Publications and Research Publications Collections

* South Australiana

* A large number of archival and manuscript collections.

A list of the collections and more information about them is available as well as a subject guide to the Collections.