RMIT Archives

The collection maintained by the RMIT Archives includes records of either permanent or high evidential value from the functions and activities performed throughout RMIT University that include, but are not limited to:

* Policies and strategies;

* Administrative structures, reviews, procedures, and transactions;

* Programs and courses;

* Research and development;

* Teaching and learning;

* Staff management and services;

* Student management and services;

* Buildings and surroundings;

* Social and cultural events;

* Clubs and societies; and

* Community partnerships and contributions.


The collection covers a lengthy period in time from the commencement of the Working Men’s College in 1887 until present day. Furthermore, records collections from other educational institutions that have merged with RMIT University throughout its history are also documented by the collection; these educational institutions include:

* State College of Victoria (Coburg);

* Preston Institute of Technology;

* Phillip Institute of Technology;

* Emily McPherson College;

* Melbourne College of Printing and Graphic Arts; and

* Melbourne Institute of Textiles.