Chifley Home

Chifley Home is a monument to Ben Chifley who was known as 'the man of the people'. The house reveals the domestic life of a person who rose from humble beginnings as an engine driver on the NSW railways to the nation's most important political office in 1945 as Prime Minister during the critical period of post World War II reconstruction. He represents the 'Aussie Battler' and the will to succeed.

The house on Busby Street remained Ben's quiet retreat during his years in parliament. Today, the five roomed house contains the original furnishings and many personal effects of Ben and Elizabeth Chifley as well as significant memorbilia of the Chifley era.

The home has been preserved by Bathurst Regional Council. The people of Bathurst have pride in the fact that Ben Chifley, one of Australia's great Prime Ministers, was born in Bathurst and always called the city home.