Kandos Bicentennial Industrial Museum

The Museum was formerly the Kandos Methodist Church, a unique building built to an American plan, brought to the town by the manager of NSW Cement, Lime and Coal Co. in 1915. The Museum has a strong focus on the Cement industry based in this shire. It is possibly the only Museum in the state to collect, record and present the history and devlopment of the cement industry. There are also large collections relating to the domestic, agricultural, leisure, communications and transport history of the area. An extensive photograph collection together with written records relating to the development of Kanods in particular and of the Rylstone Shire in general has been gathered since the Museum's inception in 1988 as the major Bicentennial project for Rylstone Shire. All collections are added to as material becomes available. Currently, the major project is to enter the Collection into a computerised database. The Museum has strong links with, and provides a cultural facility for, the local community. It is used either recreationally or as an information source by both schools and the general community.


The collection reflects the Shire's development and social/ cultural history. Displays include domestic, industrial, agriculture, leisure, geological, commercial and communications (railway and phone). There is a growing collection of historical documents, postcards and photographs, together with many old books magazines and newspapers. These are available for visitors to browse through. The museum has a strong focus on the cement industry based in this Shire. As far as is known, it is the only museum to feature the history and development of cement.