Prospect Library

The Prospect Library is custodian of the Local History Collection and it is housed in the heritage building of the former Nailsworth Public School built 1881.

City of Prospect library

Prospect is an inner urban community of approximately 20,000 people, located immediately north of the City of Adelaide. The name "Prospect" was chosen soon after 1836 because of the beautiful "prospect" the locality presented. It was described as "...being well timbered, with waving gums and shady trees...".

Within the City of Prospect there are tree-lined residential streets which are bordered and transected by major arterial roads. The predominant housing styles of the area are traditional bungalows and villas; town houses and units.

The City of Prospect was incorporated in 1872 and it was originally one of a number of villages withina few miles of Adelaide. Population was mainly involved in agriculture, dairy farms, lime kilns and timber milling.

The twentieth century brought expansions to the city with the increase in transport and employment . R.M. Williams set up his business in Percy Street, Prospect in 1930's.

Community renewal in the 70's saw the beginning of the much lauded community arts projects including the Stobie Poles and Murals projects.


Archival records and photographs relating to the history of Prospect. Comprehensive files on the Community Arts projects from 70's to current.