Hellenic Historical & Cultural Centre NSW

The HH&CC (est 1997) is a dept. of the Greek Orthodox Community of NSW (est 1898).

Reg. No 266. Virgin Mary. Made by I. Kyriaki 1920, donated by P. E. Mavromatis July 1932. Size 0.84 x 0.67 x 0.6

It was established to accumulate the history of the Australian-Greeks in NSW.

  • Reg. No 241. Bookstand 1.36cm. Donated by John Kominos (Sydney), made by John Koronaios (Greece) 1899
  • Reg. No 244. Archangel Michael. Embroidery. Donated by V. Nikoli 2nd of May 1902. 071cm high x 060cm wide
  • Reg. No 243. St. Athanasios. Made by Rev Serafim Fokas, donated by John Cominos August 1901. Painted on wood , size 1.14cm x 0.63cm


1. Archives of the Greek Orthodox Community of NSW 1898- .

2. Archives of the Federation of the Greek Orthodox Communities in Australia 1958- .

3. Ecclesiastical items from the first Orthodox church in Australia 1889- such as icons, books, religion easels, textiles.

4. Banners from Greek Community events, gatherings and protests.

5. Posters related to various events within the Greek community included festivals, conserts, book launches, Greek National Days, theatrical performences.

6. Archives of the Greek Festival of Sydney 1980- ..

7. Archives of the Cyprus Community of NSW.

8. Archives of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese 1928- .

9. Archives of the various Greek Associations in NSW.

10. Private Collections. Mr Lambis paschalidis, Mrs Evdokia Nakou, Mrs Fofi Paschalidis-James.

11. Journals and magazines published by individuals or by Greek community organizatios.

12. Programs of the various cultural events.

13. Wedding crowns collection from 1950- .

14. Library. Reference and Fiction books predominantly in Greek. Books published in Egypt and Cyprus. Also a collection of Greek/Australian authors. A small collection of English books related the Greek history and culture.