Anglo-Indian Heritage Centre

The Anglo-Indian Heritage Centre is dedicated to archiving, promoting and exhibiting the rich heritage and legacy of the Anglo-Indian community. A 400 year history which began in the 1600's when Europeans established colonies in India and fathered children with indigenous women. The Anglo-Indian community peaked during the British Raj to an estimated 3 million. The community bridged an uneasy divide between the British rulers and the Indian population and were described as the wheels, cranks and levers of the Empires building machinery. The communities invaluable contribution helped to build modern India and continues to contribute, today, as loyal Indians while maintaining their minority status as a Christian, English speaking community that actively maintains it's identity and cultural differences. Many Anglo-Indians decided to leave when India gained independence from the Britishyes in 1948, the majority won the right to emigrate to Commonwealth countries based on their Fathers, British ancestry. Large numbers of Anglo-Indians are in the UK, Canada, Australia & New Zealand where they network via Associations dedicated to maintaining a global network.


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