Champions Brock Experience

Champions Brock Experience began as the private collection of Peter Champion, personal friend of Peter Brock and avid collector.

It is the result of over 18 years collecting and restoring of some this country's most historic race cars of Australian motoring legend, Peter Brock.

It also features a vast array of personal and professional memorabilia, much of it donated by Brock himself to the showcase.

Whether it is a guided tour, our amazing Light and Sound show or one of our Up Close and Personal Tours, you too can "Live the Dream" at Champions Brock Experience, Yeppoon, Queensland


With 30 original Peter Brock Road and race cars in the collection there are some real gems. You can see the car that Brock made his Bathurst debut in, the Monaro 43D, beautifully restored and authenticated, this car is a beautiful example of early racers. Champions Brock Experience also houses the '82, '83 and 1984 Bathurst wining Marlboro HDT Commodores. They are all in excellent condition and run well. In addition to the Brock/Moffat '87 VL commodore Group A racer there is also the car that Brock made his return to Bathurst in 2002. There are also some beautiful rare examples of brock-built HDT road cars on display along with Brocks' targa rally cars also.

The collection also includes a vast array of trophies, racesuits and memorabilia on display.