The Bible Museum

The Bible Museum is Australia’s first private Bible Museum that is open to the public.

The Bible Museum

It opened in regional Victoria in November 2009.

The aim of the Museum is to ‘bring the Bible to life’ as well as to explore the history of the Bible as a book


The Bible Museum has a collection of over 1000 Bibles, with original printings from the early 17th century onwards, and facsimiles of Bibles from the 9th century onwards.

It includes miniature Bibles, handwritten scrolls, Bibles with elaborate covers, and very large ornately gilded Family Bibles.

There is a large exhibit of foreign language Bibles including matching dolls in ethnic costumes.

There are many original and replica antiquities from Israel, Egypt, Rome and Mesopotamia, such as Rosetta Stone, King Cyrus’ Cylinder, the Black Obelisk with King Jehu, and Dead Sea Scrolls and Jars.

Musical instruments from the Bible include a large shofar, silver temple trumpets, harp, psalter, Arabic flutes, and Jewish percussion. These musical instruments can be played by the public.

There are also large models of the Jewish Temples and Tabernacle