Aquarian Archive, Northern Rivers

We are an incorporated association which hunts, collects, preserves and makes available artefacts and records of the “New Settler” movement which evolved in the area in which we collect, the Rainbow Region of far north coast NSW before and after the iconic Aquarius Festival of 1973 in Nimbin.


Ours is an eclectic mix of local newspapers, posters, financial records and meeting minutes of local community organisations and more. Our sub-collections include :- the John Corkill collection, local forest activist, all his work, campaign, legal papers and maps of 25 years of fighting to save regional forests from logging; The Peter Hamilton collection, one of the most comprehensive collections of documents and photos relating to the Intentional Communities movement; the Graham Irvine collection of audiovisual records of interviews with local people; the Benny Zable collection, banners and posters and artefacts from this nationally recognised activist.