Glen Eira Historical Society

The society exists to collect, preserve and disseminate information on the history of the municipality.


Summaries of the content of the collection including photographs are available on the web and we are currently expanding this to include all of the information in each file.

The society is a not-for-profit organisation manned by volunteers. We welcome enquiries from anyone interested to assist in our work.


Formed in 1972 the society has accumulated an extensive collection of information on the formation and development of the municality and its constituents.

This includes photographs memoribilia, oral histories and documents on individual residents, houses, buildings, churches, schools, clubs and businesses as well as on the development and composition of the Roads Board, Shire, and Council.

The society is committed to provide as much information as possible on its collection on the Web as well as to provide links to other sources of information on the history of the municipality.

Copies of "Sand Swamp and Heath" an official history of Caulfield from prehistory to 1945 and "Caulfield Heritage" History of Caulfield's Heritage published in 1989 are on sale @ $40 each.