Proserpine Historical Museum Society Inc.

The Proserpine Historical Museum is the only Cultural Heritage Learning Facility in the region. Museums are now recognised as part of the growing Tourism Market. This Museum is situated on the Bruce Highway, offers one of the few all-weather tourist attractions on the mainland for the entire family. The Proserpine Historical Museum offers a large and well-designed foyer for the benefit of local Artists and Craftspeople to show their works - free of charge for short-term exhibitions. Artists were consulted during the planning stage and their needs in terms of lighting and hanging systems were met. The Proserpine Historical Museum identified the needs of local people from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds. For example, the Italian Community and their history in the Whitsunday Shire, and the Indigenous Community in displays and items in the collection. These groups have been encouraged to share their knowledge and history.


Approximately 7,000 items