Albert Kersten GeoCentre

The Geocentre was established in 1993 to present to visitors Broken Hill in the context of the unique geology, metallurgy, minerals and mining history of the region. The Geocentre also promotes the Earth Sciences and has on display the excellent mineral specimens held by Broken Hill city council. In 1999 Broken Hill was proclaimed 2nd city of the arts – funding was made available to extend the Geocentre – an exhibition hall is located within the museum to host travelling exhibitions and in-house exhibitions relating to the social history of the city.


The mineral specimens are all from Broken Hill, one of the premier collecting sites in the world. Many people are drawn by the 42kg silver nugget. Specimens are world class. Also on display is a “silver tree” – an epergne once owned and displayed by Charles Rasp who discovered the mineral wealth and founded the BHP Company.