WA University School of Music Historic & Ethnic Instrument Collection

Free tours of the Eileen Joyce Studio allow visitors to see and hear the early keyboard instruments housed there. Music teachers, students & other groups are welcome. A number of historic European instruments are on display in the Callaway Auditorium, but much of the collection is not yet accessible to the public.


Seventeen early keyboard instruments (originals & some replicas), including 1760 Kirckman harpischord, Eileen Joyce's Goff clavichord & Dame Nellie Melba's Bechstein grand; nine original paintings & bronze bust of Eileen Joyce; 155 European wind & string instruments, mainly from 19th & 20th centuries, including some strings from C18th and some Baroque & Classical replicas; 100+ components of Indonesian gamelan, including a gong from 1650; instruments from Thailand, Japan, India & Madagascar. The collection also contains many historic European and ethnic (mainly Asian) instruments, as well as working replicas of Baroque & Classical orchestral instruments.