C.L. Alexander Museum

Local history of the district from 1880. Special sections on agriculture, entertainment, sports, marine, schools, churches, transport, household items, photographs, maps and books. The museum if also responsible for the care of Stokes Methodist Church and Pioneer Women's Memorial. Caretakers of the Provis Memorial Park. Markers at the sites of early schools and other places of historical interest. Listing of the heritage listed buildings in the area.


900 items, 450 photographs. Memorabilia of local - transport, churches, schools, shipping, shops, early settlers, agriculture, entertainment, hospital, war and various household items. Many books of district families and history, copies of Matthew Flinders' maps, letters and botanical drawings from the voyage 1803, original letters from pioneers, books of photographs. Saddle making, communications, various district and sporting photos and trophies. Council history and development. Room furnished with period furniture, as kitchen, laundry, sitting room and bedroom. Also clothing to match the period.