Fire Brigade Historical Society of the ACT Inc

The Fire Brigade Historic Society of the Act was formed in 1979. The focus of the Society is the preservation of artefacts of historical significance relating to firefightin services in the Canberra region. We are located in the historic Forrest Fire Station on the corner of Empire Circuit and Fitzrot Street, Forrest, Canberra. The Society works to preserve the heritage of firefighting in Canberra by restoring historic vehicles and cataloguing photographs and ephemera relating to the provision of fire services in the region. Currently the Museum opens on Saturday mornings or by appointment.

Forrest Fire Station in the 70's


The Collection of the society includes 26 motorised fire appliances, hand drawn appliances and memorabilia associated with the Canberra Fire Brigade. A large collection of photographs and historic documents as well as uniforms, firefighting equipment and memorabilia from around the world. We have a fine collection which incorporates some highly significant objects including fire records from 1924 as well as the first motorised appliance used in Canberra with work about to begin on the restoration of a 1914 Hotchkiss.