University Art Museum, at The University of Queensland

The University Art Museum (UAM) was established in 1976 to house the art works collected by The University of Queensland since the 1940s. Located in The James and Mary Emelia Mayne Centre, adjacent to the University's Great Court, the UAM researches, exhibits and publishes the work of significant Australian and, in particular, Queensland artists. The University was one of the first in Australia to acquire works of art and to use bequest funds for this purpose. Today, with more than 2,500 works by Australian and international artists, the University Art Collection is Queensland's second largest public art collection.


The Collection comprises works by major Australian artists from the colonial era to the present, and the Nat Yuen Collection of Chinese antiquities. In addition, The University Art Museum will develop the National Collection of Artists' Self Portraits, the only collection of its kind in Australia. Established as the result of a bequest and originally known as the Darnell Collection, the Collection has continued to evolve with focussed acquisitions and the support of important bequests and gifts. These have included the Stuartholme-Behan Collection of Australian Art, permanently loaned to the University in the early 1990s, also the Graeme Bennett Collection of 53 important Australian artworks, and the Malcolm Enright Collection of 71 contemporary artworks gifted in 1999.