Australian Aviation Museum

The Australian Aviation Museum, located on Bankstown Airport Sydney has a wide range of aircraft and aviation artifacts on display, many aircraft in fact manufactured at Bankstown Airport. Hawker de Havilland built hundreds of aircraft during and after WWII, including Tiger Moths, Mosquito Bombers, Drovers and Vampires.

Our volunteer staff are all enthusiasts and our free guided tours, tailored to your interests, are our speciality!


A few highlights of our collection:

- The world's only Fawcett 120 (also manufactured at Bankstown)

- A 1931 Clancy Skybaby

- A Luton Major

- A Harley Newman Gyrocopter which has never flown

- Fighter aircraft such as the Australian made Sabre, Mirage and Vampire

- Probably the world's biggest collection of DC-3s

- Artifacts including a complete Radio Set from a Lancaster Bomber, Navigational Sextants, a Drift Sight from a Beaufighter, Silk Aircrew Tropical Escape Maps and a unique Trouser Button Compass

- A number of historic military and commercial aviation uniforms including items from pioneer aviators - Kingsford-Smith and many others!